Vincent Zacha-Herthel is a friendly guy who would probably introduce himself as Vinnie.
He is a creative man who focuses on making his work look cool and up to date with current trends, while at the same time keeping the information clear and easy to understand. His passions are focused around things that arguably make life better and more enjoyable, such as staying active and spending time in the outdoors.
His college career took place in northern California at California State University, Chico. Where he obtained a BA in Communication Design, (option in Graphic Design.) As well as minors in Studio Art and Photography. The learning didn’t stop in college however, he is always trying grow his skills to make a name for himself, and has made a personal vow to never become complacent with his work.
He is currently looking for the next step in his creative career, and if you would like to get to know him, don’t be afraid to ask, a simple hello is enough to get the ball rolling. Some of the things he loves talking about are the mountains, humor, and predictions of the future and science fiction.

(530) 204 8560