Dark Deco

Brief: To shoot an ad campaign with a cohesive visual theme that promotes a product.

Dark Deco is a fictional cologne brand that I created with a high class target market in mind. The brands visual theme is based off the film noir genre of the 1940’s. The visual style relies on claroscuro (lightness and darkness) creating dark/mysterious characters that exude class and badassery.

This was a project submitted for my final in Advanced Photo during my time at CSU Chico.

Lifestyle Photo Shoot for an Apparel Company

In the final round of interviews for a company I had been previously applying to, I was given a speculative project to complete in order to get a gauge of the type of work I would produce. The task was to promote a new tee shirt by creating 3 website header slider images, and a promotional email design.

This work was speculative for an established company, so the branding such as logo, typefaces, and color palette are not created by me. All photographs shown and the email layout are my creations.